Basic Introduction of Circuit Boards and General Classifications

Basic Introduction of Circuit Boards and General Classifications

Name of circuit board: Ceramic Circuit Board, Alumina Ceramic Circuit Board, Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Circuit Board, Circuit Board, PCB Board, Aluminum Plate, High-Frequency Board, Thick Copper Plate, Impedance Board, PCB, Ultra-Thin Circuit Board, Thin Circuit Board, Printed (copper etching technology) Circuit Boards, and so on. Circuit boards create miniature and intuitive circuits, which play an important role in the mass production and optimization of fixed circuits.

Circuit board can be called a Printed Circuit Board, FPC Circuit Board (flexible printed circuit board) (FPC circuit board, also known as flexible circuit board flexible polyimide circuit board or polyester film as a substrate which is made of a flexible PCB Assembly is very reliable well.

With high-density cable, lightweight, thin thickness, well-bent characteristic!) And a combination of soft and hard plates (reaches, soft, and hard combination plate) -FPC and PCB birth and development, gave birth to a soft and hard combination of this new product. Therefore, soft and hard bonding board, i.e. flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards, after pressing and other processes, according to the relevant process requirements together to form FPC characteristics and characteristics of PCB circuit board. You can order the PCB as per your requirement in PCB Assembly China.

The board is divided into three categories: single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer circuit boards.

The first one is a panel, on the most basic PCB, section is concentrated on one side, the cable is concentrated on the other side. Because wires only appear on one side, called PCBs are called single-sided circuit boards. Single-sided panels are usually made simple, low cost, but the drawback is that it cannot be applied to overly complex products.

A double panel is an extension of one panel when a single layer of cable cannot meet the needs of electronic products, we must use double-sided. The copper side with a trace and can pass through the hole between the two lines are implied, so the establishment of the necessary network connection.

Multilayer boards refer to printed boards that have three or more conductive coating patterns running therebetween and running therebetween so interrelated conductive patterns are required. A multi-layer circuit board is a high-speed, multi-functional electronic information technology, large capacity, small size, thin, lightweight product direction.

The board is divided into soft boards (FPC), hard boards (PCBs), hard and soft combination boards (FPCB) based on characteristics.