Three Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks You Can Learn From Amazon

Three Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks You Can Learn From Amazon

Amazon currently ranks among the top as one of the biggest and most-used eCommerce sites on the planet.

Aside from Google and Facebook that run their business on ads and do not provide any specific rules on how to optimize its pages, Amazon treats it more differently and probably any Sydney SEO agency knows why.

Amazon owns a wide range of consumer products that they sell through their online marketplaces and gives entrepreneurs the chance to learn what specific tactics the company uses to optimize their sales pages for the products that they sell.

An SEO agency in Sydney would know that Amazon is a point of sale where it is vital for sellers on the platform to know that the difference between a sale and a bust is when users find the right products at the right prices at the fastest time possible.

Customer experience is always a priority for Amazon and in order to achieve this, Amazon needs to know the products that are likely to satisfy the needs of their online customers. This is where conversion rate comes in.

The ideal conversion rate means that your products are able to generate more sales based on your current traffic levels over time and boost your visibility across the search and promotional space of Amazon.

Organic rankings

While Amazon’s A9 algorithm remains to be a highly-guarded secret, it’s developers have been giving some insights regarding how it works, such as influencing factors that include the product price, availability, selection, text match and sales history are considered if a product gets to appear on the Amazon search results page.

This is simply because the search bar is the main access of users when finding products in the Amazon marketplace.

A large percentage of this Amazon traffic comes from organic search which hints at sellers knowing how integral it is to the system to have their product page optimized through keyword strategy, competitive pricing, and product availability.

PPC and bid auctions

While bid auctions run the gamut of competitive advantage in the Amazon platform, pay per click (PPC) also carries weight in providing more visibility for products in the Amazon pages.

The higher the conversion rate, the lower the cost for customer acquisition. It has worked for Amazon and it is similarly represented in Google’s Quality Score metric.

This applies for keywords and multiple products competing through ads. Amazon favors ads with the highest historic conversion rate regardless of the cost-per-click (CPC) bid.  This is because customer satisfaction prevails over everything in Amazon.

Product exposure

Product exposure is vital to the Amazon market since it provides users with the actual images of products that are being sold on the platform.

Simply by looking at the Amazon Seller Central dashboard, it emphasizes the importance of high-quality images or videos of products, it suggests uploading no less than nine images per product in order to provide different perspectives of the merchandise on the marketplace.